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Source: Huffington Post

If you look on any social media site, you will certainly encounter images of black women with  uber long natural hair... And you may be wondering why your hair hasn't inched past your collar bone. I've been there. My hair became stagnant once I reached just above shoulder length (SL) and I had no idea why my hair was stuck.  If you are having those thoughts and want to beat the hair growth rut that you may be experiencing, check to see if you are making any of these mistakes, and CORRECT immediately.

Mistake #1 - Not clipping your split ends

I am a harsh offender of this mistake.  Lock me up and throw away the key.  I hate when any stylist pulls out those treacherous scissors... BUT the truth is cutting split ends are necessary to save the healthy hair.  

If you refuse to clip your ends, that split will make its way up your hair shaft and do significant damage.  This will inevitably lead to you cutting off more of your hair.  Now you have shorter hair all because you didn't want to clip those jagged ends. 

Mistake #2 - Excessive Use of Heat Styling Tools

The continuous and excessive use of heat styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands can damage the hair cuticle and stunt growth.  Prolonged heat styling can also weaken the hair and make it more susceptible to breakage.  

I love a good silk press, but I will not have this done on a weekly basis.  If you want to see your hair grow longer, put down that flat iron... for now.

Mistake #3 - Washing Hair with HOT Water

For those of us that wash our hair while showering, it may be tempting to use that hot water.  Who doesn't love a steaming hot shower.   Using hot water can be drying to your hair and scalp which may lead to breakage.

Mistake #4 - Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water not only hydrates your body, it also hydrates your hair.  Drinking the daily recommended amount of water will strengthen your roots and stimulate hair growth.  When your hair is missing the necessary amount of water, your hair will become dry, weak, and brittle. It may also lead to hair loss/breakage.

Mistake #5 - Eating the Wrong Foods

In the society we live in, it is very easy to eat foods that will hinder hair growth. The biggest culprits that will stifle growth include fast food, white starches (potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, etc.), sugar, and alcohol.  Yes, put down the double-cheeseburger and that glass of Ciroc. These foods can lead to brittle, thinning hair. Reducing your intake of these foods will help put you on the path to sustainable hair growth.

If you are guilty of of any of these mistakes, it would be in your best interest to STOP.  You may start to notice your hair thanking you with growth.

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