10 Essentials for the Curvy Girl's Closet

"It's not about the size you wear, but the way you wear your size."

For many years, society has painted this picture that it is impossible to be fashion-forward if you are over a size 8.  Clothing designed for "plus-sized" women was usually shapeless, tasteless, and to be quite honest, frumpy.

After becoming a mom twice over, I have struggled with finding the right pieces that accentuate my figure.  Although I am a mom, I don't want to wear clothing that screams "Soccer Mom".  I want to wear modern, fashion-forward clothes that allows me to wear my size in the most attractive manner. I've been fortunate enough to find the best pieces that will step up any curvy girls' closet in an instant.

Here are 10 Essentials that EVERY Curvy Girl Should Have in Their Arsenal.

1. High Waisted Jeans

High Waist Jeans are perfect for the full-figured body. These jeans are perfect for showcasing your curves. High Waisted jeans can be worn with every type of shirt but look especially cute when paired with a crop top. Yes, big girls can wear crop tops, too!

2. Off the Shoulder Top

Flirty Curves

Off the Shoulder Tops draw attention to your shoulders and neckline, shifting the focus away from your abdomen.  These tops are also flirty and perfect for summer and fall wear.

3. Romper/ Jumpsuit

I love wearing a romper in the summer heat.  Find one that cinches at the waist and you have an instant hourglass figure.  This romper from New York & Company gives a youthful vibe that hugged me in the right places.

4. Wrap Dress

A wrap dress can be a great fashion choice for the workplace or also for a night on the town.  Wrap dresses tend to pull in at the waist to reveal your true curves.  These also do an amazing job of concealing cellulite and "rolls".

5. Fit and Flare 

The form fit up top and the flare at the waist, gives the illusion of a "perfect" curvy silhouette.  This dress style is flattering to all body types, especially short and curvy girls because it gives the appearance of longer legs.

6. Little Black Dress

Whoever said that thick women couldn't rock the little black dress, LIED! The LBD should be a staple in every girl's closet regardless of their size.  You can look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

7. Knee-High Boots

Knee high boots could add spunk to most outfits.  They look great on curvy girls and these style of boots help to elongate your legs. If you have thick legs, like me, just make sure you invest in a great pair of wide-calf knee high boots.  

8. Kimono Cardigan

I just bought my first Kimono Cardigan and I am in LOVE. These come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Kimonos pair well with your favorite shorts to give you some extra coverage while remaining chic.

9. Wide Belt 

A wide belt is essential for any thick girls' closet! This belt can be placed at the waist to accentuate your curves and conceal any problem areas in your midsection.  I am notorious for pulling out my wide belt when I feel the need to snatch my waist.

10. Shapewear

It's not always about what's visible to the naked eye...Sometimes the most essential item in your closet is your undergarment. Even though I am practicing body positivity, it doesn't mean that I should let it all hang out. Shapewear has the ability of not only holding "everything" in, but also smoothing everything out. The right shapewear could boost the right assets while also taking attention away from pesky cellulite.  

What items are staples in your closet?

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  1. You will never get me to give up my romper! What are your closet must-haves?