SCAM ALERT?! Benny Harlem and the Green Veggie Kits

Benny Harlem quickly grew in popularity due to images like these going viral on Instagram.   Women everywhere began fawning over Harlem's chiseled cheekbones and of course the beautiful hair that adorns his head.

I still remember the iconic photo that made him and his daughter an internet sensation.  It was a beautiful representation of Black Love shared between father and daughter.  I will admit, when I first saw this picture, I was blown away! I thought Benny Harlem and his baby girl deserved to be on someone's magazine cover.

As some of you may know, the purpose of this site has always been to encourage young girls and women alike, to embrace their natural hair and stand proud in their own beauty.  Because of this, I was proud to see an African American man preaching the same thing. 

The đź’© Has Hit The Fan

Fast forward some time later and it appears that the same people that have praised Benny Harlem and his unmistakeable hair have started to turn on him.  Don't get me wrong, his social media stats are undeniable, but there is a growing number of people that feel bamboozled by the rising star.

It began when Benny Harlem began selling his veggie hair kits.  These hair kits come in at a whopping $299. According to his site the kit "consists of all the items you will need this summer to grow stronger, longer, healthier hair".  

Even with the hefty price tag, it appears that he has sold out his entire inventory.  The problem lies in the fact that there is a growing number of people alleging that they have been "ripped off".  Some ladies have come forward claiming to have never received their products. 

To make matters worse, there is a section of the internet claiming that Benny Harlem has been lying about the length of his hair.  Some even alleging that he photoshops his hair and wears extensions to achieve his look. If this is true, then he is providing false advertisements in order to peddle his product.

Adding insult to injury, Benny Harlem communicated through social media that he was bitten by viper  (August 2018), around the time that his products were due to ship to customers.  People have become quite skeptical regarding the series of unfortunate events that have plagued, Mr. Harlem.  The most recent tragedy includes the cancerous cysts that were found on Benny's lungs. 

He has recently disabled comments on his instagram account.  This is only adding fuel to the fire for some. Only time will tell if Benny Harlem is the real deal or just another scammer.  I would love to see your thoughts on this matter:

How many of you would be willing to spend $300 on haircare products?  What are your thoughts regarding Benny Harlem and the Veggie Kit Gate?


  1. He is a scammer to the utmost. I ordered products in March and never received them. He even had an employee call and say my products were going to be shipped by July 4th. All lies!!!!! Had to go through my bank to get my money returned. Just got my money 2 days ago. I reported him to the California states attorney office.

  2. I purchased his products and I received them. His products are great and they do as advertised!

    1. are probably family of his..he’s on several rip off reports and will probably end up in jail..his website to sell products in down! Karma is something else and it clearly is coming around