Struggles That Only a Thick Girl Will Understand

Thick. BBW. Curvy. Shapely. Voluptuous. These are just a few words used to describe ladies that carry a little extra weight on their bodies.  Believe me, I have heard all of the "terms of endearment" that's used to describe females that have a similar body type. With all of the curves that outline my body there appears to be a set of problems that are definitely unique to women with a fuller shape.  

Don't get me wrong... I am proud of my womanly curves and I will encourage all women to embrace their full figures... BUT the quirks that come along with the curves can become somewhat of a nuisance.  To all of the skinny girls that may want a more voluptuous shape, count your blessings.  Read on to find out my top 5 struggles that I face as a result of being THICK. 

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#1. Wearing Skirts can be a Hassle

 I love wearing skirts for the simple fact that they are easier to get in and out of compared to pants. The problem is that my ample behind causes skirts to ride up as I walk.  I constantly have to pull the skirt down in order to avoid showing the world my goodies.

#2. Jeans Don't Fit Properly


Having curves on the lower half of your body can result in one of two things happening when you buy jeans. Either A.) Your jeans are too tight and you can't even get them over your thighs.  (It doesn't matter how much jumping around you do, it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...) Or 
B.) You can get the jeans up over your thighs and butt... the only problem: your jeans have a huge gap in the waist area because the jeans are too big for your waist. No belt in the world will close the gap. It sucks! 

*Solution: Make sure to buy jeans that have at least 3% or more spandex.  Spandex has become my new best friend.

#3. Your Jeans Will Rip

I have ruined so many pairs of great jeans.  If you have thick thighs, then you have more than likely encountered this problem. As you walk, your thighs rub together which causes too much friction for the jean material.  This friction will eventually lead to your jeans ripping in the inner thigh area.  Congratulations! You now have a pair of jeans, distressed in ALL the WRONG places.

#4. Wearing Shorts will give you the THOT Look

In the summer months I get just as hot as the next person but I know that wearing shorts like the pair shown above will result in some negative attention for me.  Wearing a pair of shorts will have men and women, alike giving me a double take.  Because I have thick thighs and a bigger backside, the shorts may end up riding so far up that they end up looking more like jean thongs than a pair of summer shorts.  Even though I want to find ways to beat the heat, I know that jean shorts are not the way to go about it, unfortunately.

#5. Everything Looks too Sexy

It doesn't matter what you wear, or where you buy it from, people will always think that you are trying to show off your figure.  A dress will hug my curves and cause people to stare.  Business slacks will even form around my butt and cause people to think that I'm trying to put my buns on display... Absolutely not! 

I can't help that my clothes fit me in a way that MAY be appealing to men. I can't help the fact that some less endowed women may feel some type of envy.  The only way that my figure would go unnoticed in my clothes, is if I wore clothing that's  3x too big for me...or dress in a paper bag everyday.  I choose to forego both options.  I will dress the way that I want and you will deal!

Honorable Mention:


This wraps up my TOP 5 struggles that only a thick girl will understand.  Although we may not have a thigh gap, or the best fitting jeans, there are still plenty of reasons why you should own your thickness and be proud of the extra weight that was bestowed upon you. Click HERE to explore reasons to love your thickness!

Can you relate to any of these struggles? If so, comment below.


  1. Charlene Johnson4/08/2017 1:08 PM

    Hilarious but so true. I have experienced everything on this list.

  2. I have too much experience with the thigh thing. My thighs are huge, but when I go up a size they too loose on my waist. I wear leggings as much as possible because I don't have time to be playing with jeans lol.

    1. Believe me, I understand. Spandex is my best friend LOL.