Let's face it, the Summer heat and humidity can take any hairstyle from fab to drab in about 5 minutes.  I live in an area where July is filled with days that temps soar above 90°.  Because of this, it is imperative for me to have some different styles that I can rock without fear of my hair turning into a poufy mess. 

Here are some styles that you can rock confidently in the Summer Heat!

  1. Wash & Go

Wash and go

The Wash & Go is a style that can be easily achieved with the right products.  For best results, start on freshly cleansed hair and use a great great gel that will hold your curls even when it's hot and muggy outside.

2.  Feedin Cornrows

Source: Pinterest
Feedin Cornrows are the perfect low maintenance style especially for those hitting the islands or just local beach town. 

3. Crochet Hairstyles


Crochets can be a cost-saving way to have a glamorous look. There are a variety of crochet hairs that you can choose from. Whether you want afro textured, curly, or locs; crochet hair has you covered. Just ensure that you don't place too much tension around your hairline in order to avoid breakage.

4. Flexi Rod Set

A flexi rod set done right can last for days.  My last flexi set went the distance; lasting a total of 12 days!!!  I was able to work out and still have flawless curls. 

5. High Puff

high puff on 4b hair

The high puff is my go-to style on most spring, summer, and fall days.  It's an easy style that can be achieved with just a few products. This high puff look was achieved with the use of Taliah Waajid's Curly Curl Gello.