Beyoncé Embraces Fuller Figure

Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Vogue, 2018 

We all know how rare it is for Beyoncé, the Queen of everything (if you ask me), to give interviews or speak publicly on private matters.  We usually have to try to decipher her life through pictures, body language, and song lyrics... I'm looking at you, Lemonade.   That's why I am in total shock and glee that Beyoncé is gracing the September issue of VOGUE and she decided to give readers a glimpse into her life.  When Beyoncé covered Vogue Magazine in 2015, the magazine was unable to interview the powerhouse singer.  This time around, Beyoncé is sharing intimate details surrounding her pregnancy, body image, breaking down barriers, and much, much more in her own words.


While I found the whole piece by Beyoncé moving and inspirational, I thought that  it was very important to highlight her thoughts and views regarding her body image.  Due to the nature of this blog and my own stance on body acceptance, I was especially pleased to see Queen Bey address this topic. 

Beyoncé discusses how she tried to achieve the body that society deemed acceptable after giving birth to first-born, Blue Ivy.  She rushed to get back in top shape to fulfill the demands of society...  A society driven by social media, a society that is unforgiving to mothers that aren't able to "Snap Back". How many of us have felt that same pressure to lose baby weight as soon as humanly possible?

Thankfully, Beyoncé has taken a different approach as it relates to the birth of twins, Rumi and Sir.  The chart-topping star, revealed that she had a difficult pregnancy, dealing with toxemia. Toxemia is a condition that affects around 5% of pregnant women, resulting in hypertension, swelling, leakage of large amounts of protein, and it could lead to dangerous complications for the woman and fetus. Because of her condition, Beyoncé weighed 218 pounds and had to have an emergency c-section. 

"I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies."


Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Vogue, 2018 

The effects of childbirth allowed Beyoncé to embrace her fuller figure. She recognizes the fullness in her arms and thighs; she has even accepted her "FUPA". Hopefully Beyoncé's statement on her body acceptance will hush the critics.  As recently as July 18, 2018, rumors have swirled that the singer was pregnant with her fourth child.  The rumors stemmed from those attending the European leg of the OTR II tour.  Pictures were plastered across the internet of Beyoncé with what appeared to be a small belly bump.  After attending the OTR II concert in Washington, DC; I can say that she did not look pregnant to me. She looked absolutely amazing and in great shape!  

The media and even those that claim to love and adore us can sometimes have a negative impact on the way that we see ourselves.  I am glad that Beyoncé has made it clear that she knows what her body looks like and she is embracing every curve and every pound for the time being. 


This is the type of body positivity and body acceptance that I wish we all had.  It is easy for us to succumb to the pressures of society regarding our bodies and scrutinize every "flaw" that we have.  It takes a lot of strength and confidence to forgo the opinions of others and accept and embrace our curves (wherever they may be).  I think that if more female celebrities take a similar stance, we can shape the inner thoughts that women and young ladies have about themselves.  We would no longer feel obligated to subscribe to society's standard of beauty.  Hopefully Beyoncé's stance will inspire someone to feel free to love their natural body regardless of what others may say or think! 

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  1. Sophia Martinez8/11/2018 4:10 PM

    Great article. Beyonce is a trendsetter so maybe women will stop trying to achieve these unrealistic bodies.