DIY Body Wraps: Do They Really Work?

With the summer months in full effect, I know many people, including myself are looking for quick and easy ways to shed weight and get closer to that coveted hour glass figure.  On my quest to achieve a more a "snatched" waist, I decided that a body wrap was the way to go.

I had always heard about companies that sold ready made body wraps but I didn't feel comfortable with shelling out a lot of money for a product that may or MAY NOT work.  Because of this, I felt the urge to try to make my own body wrap... How hard could it be?


I scoured the internet to find ingredients that promoted weight loss, that I could use for my body wrap.  After careful consideration, I decided on the ingredients listed below (links to the products mentioned will be included at the end of this post):

When I originally tried this recipe, I went a little overboard with the peppermint oil and it resulted in a strong tingling sensation.  I have tweaked the recipe to avoid that super strong sensation.  All of the ingredients listed are natural and aid in some way to our goal of snatching the waist. The peppermint oil helps to curb your appetite On another note, the Bentonite Clay is a key ingredient in this body wrap and let me tell you this is some awesome stuff.  The clay has so many different uses for your body, face, and hair. So even after you try this wrap, keep the clay to use for a nice facial, hair mask, or some other amazing pampering session.


I was very pleased with my results, as stated in the video below, I was able to drop 2 inches in ONE DAY! Check out the video below to see the process.  If you decide to try the body wrap out, let me know how it works out for you.

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