Putting DevaCurl to the Test: Super Stretch

At some point in our Natural Hair journey we have all heard of the signature Deva Cut that could help get your curls into formation. That signature cut was developed and implemented by DevaCurl.  DevaCurl has now become known for what I consider luxury hair care products.  Most of their products range from $20 to $60... so yes, the prices can be very steep. 
Source: DevaCurl

Because of the luxury prices, I have been afraid to try out the DevaCurl hair products.  Fortunately for me, I was recently sent one DevaCurl's newest products to try out, Super Stretch - the Coconut Curl Elongator. Disclaimer - I did receive this complimentary, but this will have no bearing on my honest review! 

The Claims

DevaCurl Claims that Super Stretch "weightlessly elongates curls and maintains definition". The website states that the product is "Versatile and lightweight, this styler has a rich velvety texture that the provides the moisture and softness of a cream with the hold of a gel."  
According to the container, the Super Stretch works great for wash and go styles as well as twists and braids.

Initial Thoughts

The product smells light and refreshing.  It has a small hint of coconut that is definitely not overpowering.  There is a lot of product in the container; it contains about 8oz for the price tag of $30. The consistency of the Super Stretch is definitely that of a cream. I am worried that this cream-like product will not lend itself well to a wash and go, especially for naturalistas with a type 4 curl pattern.  Because of this, I opted to try the Super Stretch for my two-strand twists.

Process & Final Thoughts

I used this product on freshly washed hair.  Before applying the DevaCurl Super Stretch, I applied leave-in conditioner, and oil to my hair.  This is part of my normal routine, and I would never skip this step.  

What I did leave out my routine was my normal moisturizer.  The Super Stretch claims to moisturize, so I used it as a moisturizer and styling product.  I added the Super Stretch as I began to twist each section of my hair.  I will say that my hair looked super moisturized...JUICY, even. My twists were glistening and looked pretty defined. 

I wish I had a picture of my resulting twist-out. Unfortunately, I became so consumed with work, that I forgot to capture it, in all of its glory.  I received so many compliments on how defined my twist-out looked and it held up for nearly TWO WEEKS.  I am very pleased with my results using the DevaCurl Super Stretch for twist outs.  

If you are interested in purchasing this product you can click here: Deva Curl Super Stretch

My next adventure is try out the DevaCurl Super Stretch for a Wash and Go.  Be on the look out for my video tutorial on Youtube

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