ThickFit Starter Pack

As you can see from my previous posts, I love love love discussing my hair... unfortunately, I do not gain as much glee from discussing fitness. I am learning to talk more about fitness and health in order to speak my own personal fitness into existence.  Since I am on Summer Vacation (and have nothing but time on my hands) I have made a commitment to stay focused on my expedition towards thick fitness.  Thank goodness, I already have the necessary items in my fitness toolbox to keep me motivated, hydrated, and in style.  For those of you that are interested in joining me on this lifelong path of thick fitness, please allow me to introduce you to Francesca ThickFit Starter Pack:

  • Fitbit - I currently use the Fitbit Charge.  I have been using a Fitbit since 2013 and I absolutely love it.  If you haven't used a Fitbit you are missing out.  This wearable keeps tracks of the time, your step count, your miles, calories burned, sleep patterns, and more.  The Fitbit also has an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Within the app you can connect with friends and compete in various challenges.  It really keeps me motivated having others to hold you accountable.
  • Running/Training Shoes - I think this is the single most important item to have.  Your shoes can make or break your feet. It is a MUST to have the right shoes for the type of exercise you plan on doing.
    I am in love with these shoes that I purchased from the Nike Factory Store.
    These are the Nike Flex Fury and they are lightweight and extremely comfortable on my feet when running
  • Cute Running Leggings/pants/crops - Because I am thick especially below the waist, it is important for me to have bottoms that move with me and not restrict me.  On the other hand the bottoms must provide enough support to hold all of my goodness. ;) I absolutely adore the Yoga Leggings made by Pink (Victoria's Secret). They are stylish, sleek, and supportive for my frame.  Plus my curves look amazing in them!!!A close second is anything by Nike Running. 
  • Water Bottle - It is essential that you keep hydrated during the duration of your workout.  I prefer cute reusable bottles that have allow you have the built in cooler.  This is great when running/walking/dancing outside. 
And there you have it, the ThickFit Starter pack as well as your favorite tunes will have you motivated, hydrated, and in style.  Be sure to check back as I go through my workout routine and do the dreaded weigh-in :(

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