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Update: I no lonver use the AsIAm cowash... I found out out that it was the culprit of my dry and abrasive hair that I was suffering from for a little while.

I am finally willing to admit it...My name is Francesca and I am addicted to buying Natural Hair Products.  Since transitioning, I have tried so many different products and spent so much of my hard earned money. I have tried everything from As I Am to Carol's Daughter to Shea Moisture to every oil underneath the sun. I am here today to save you all the trouble of spending hundreds of dollars trying out ridiculously expensive natural hair products with little to no benefits.

My fiancee would be angry if he knew how much money I was actually spending on all of these "life-altering" hair products.  For instance, this morning I spent $36 (and that's cheap) at Sally's for a new Denman brush that I misplaced, a new leave in conditioner, and some headbands.

I literally walk into any store and immediately go to the hair care aisle regardless of the purpose of the shopping trip. I spent $40 at Walgreens last week when all I needed was a pack of gum.  I said all of this to say: Please save yourself the hassle AND the money by trying out these beloved products that I actually stand by. Listed below are some of my favorite products. For more details you can also view my YouTube video by clicking HERE.  My hair is between 4a and 4b and all of these products have been a huge help in maintaining my coils.

                      Great way to soften     Provides lightweight         seals in moisture;            provides great slip
                                         hair                   hold; smells great                 very light                   detangling is easier

What products do you Naturalistas use to keep your curls looking flawless?

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