I Tried the Electric Detangling Brush On My Thick Hair

Trying to detangle my thick and coily hair can sometimes become quite daunting.  Because of this, I am always looking for ways to make the entire process easier. I was intrigued by this product that claimed to make everyday detangling fast and painless. My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to test the claims of the Remington "Tame the Mane" Electric Detangling Brush.  Would it help me detangle my thick bush quickly and free of pain???

First Impression

The cost of the product is set around $20 and can be purchased HERE. When I received the product, I noticed a little blonde girl with long curly hair on the packaging.  This did not make me confident in the results to say the least...but I digress.

The product is a vibrant purple with teeth that made me extremely nervous about putting it anywhere near my hair.  The detangling brush is cordless and takes batteries, which is definitely a plus.  This means that you can "tame the mane" on the go.  

When I turned the device on, the sound that it emits freaked me out but I had to maintain a brave face for the sake of this review.

The Results

I first tried the product on a small section of dry hair.  I know that most of you are clutching your pearls right now, but the manufacturer claimed that it could be used on wet or DRY hair. While the product did work on my dry and tangled curls, I didn't want to risk it on the rest of my hair, so I then sprayed my hair with water, and attempted the process again.  The Remington Electric Detangling Brush did indeed work.  It SLOWLY worked through my kinks, but at times, I did feel a small degree of pain.  I was able to successfully detangle half of head in about 40 minutes using this device.  Check the video below, to see how I used the Remington Electric Detangling Brush.

****Update: I also tried this device on my daughter's hair, who has thick 4c hair.  It only worked AFTER carefully finger detangling in advance. ***

The Verdict

While the Remington Tame the Mane Electric Detangling Brush does work, it will not be completely pain free.  The process took entirely too long, but I could see myself using this as a way to tackle the most stubborn kinks and for light detangling.  It definitely hurts less than using other methods.  I do recommend this product but with some reservation.  It is only $20; so it's worth giving it a try, if you are interested. The Electric Detangling Brush may be ideal for someone that has hair that's not as thick as mine or someone who hasn't allowed their hair to tangle into a bird's nest (like I did). 

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