Ultimate List of Natural Hair Products| Grow & Retain Length

When I first decided to ditch the relaxers, it wasn't for some profound, self-reflecting reason. I was not thinking about connecting to my culture, promoting self-love, or building bonds with other fro wearing women. My decision to go natural was based purely on the fact that I wanted to grow my hair.  For years, I had struggled to get my hair to grow beyond my collar bone.  I had always encountered some type of breakage that prevented me from having the long hair that I once had as a child.

Once I started researching and experimenting with various products, I have discovered the best products that work great for MY hair. These products have aided me in achieving longer, stronger hair.  I am so ecstatic about the growth and strength of my hair, that I definitely want to share the wealth with you so that you are not spending hundreds of dollars experimenting on the WRONG products.  Before we jump into the ULTIMATE list of Hair Products, I must state the obvious; Although these products have worked wonders for my hair, your results may vary. 

...Now on to the Ultimate List of Natural Hair Products:

Eden Bodyworks - Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo 

I don't use shampoo that often, but when I do I love to find products that will make my scalp tingle.  This natural shampoo provides a soothing and refreshing tingling sensation that makes me feel like I'm at the spa.  

Eden Bodyworks - All Natural Cleansing CoWash

Eden Bodyworks makes a second appearance on this list because this cowash has become a staple in my wash regimen. This product provides enough slip that makes it a breeze detangling the kinkiest of kinks. Your hair will feel soft and smell amazing with regular use.

Maui Moisture - Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Conditioner

I recently started using this product but it has quickly become a new fave.  This conditioner has a yummy tropical scent that will leave your hair smelling edible. (Please do not eat!) Maui Moisture created a winner with this product and the rest of their curl quench line.  If you want to see me use this product, Click Here!

Mielle Organics - Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

This is the product that changed the game for me.  This deep conditioner smells so refreshing and it gives that tingling sensation that I mentioned earlier.  The deep conditioner is a great product to use to ensure moisture retention and to restore damaged hair.

Mielle Organics - White Peony Leave in Conditioner

Because I fell deeply in love with the deep conditioner by Mielle Organics, I decided to try this leave-in.  This water based product was designed with many different hair types in mind.  I also love the fact that it is a spray bottle which makes for easy application.

Maui Moisture - Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie

The Curl Smoothie is hydrating and is a great product to use for all of your styling needs.  I especially love using this cream for two strand twists and flat twists.  Your hair will feel soft to the touch and have a nice shine to it.

Oils (Grapeseed, Avocado, Almond, Jojoba)

Oils help to seal in the moisture and promote healthy hair growth. Sealing in the moisture will aid against hair breakage and will help to strengthen your hair follicles.  All three oils mentioned will also double as a skin moisturizer.

EcoStyler - Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Gel

I have long been a fan of EcoStyler with my go-to being the olive oil gel.  However this new gel has slowly grown on me.  I only use this around the perimeter of my head... I need my edges to lay! One of the key advantages of this product is that the black castor oil is a known stimulator for hair growth.  You can snatch those edges and grow them at the same time.

Alikay Naturals - Knots be Gone

This detangling spray has made styling my daughter's hair so much easier. This product provides a great slip that also helps to loosen the knots that may encroach upon your curls and coils. Proper detangling is necessary in order to retain your length. The formula is also light enough to not cause much buildup.

The Mane Choice - Growth Oil

This is the first product that I have tried by The Mane Choice and it packs a powerful punch.  The Growth Oil is rich with ingredients that have been known to stimulate hair growth.  This is a great addition for those the have plateaued hair growth or for those with thinning hair. The great thing is that this can be used on all hair types.

This concludes my TOP 10 favorite products for natural hair.  Hopefully, these products will help you achieve the length and shine that you are looking for! What are some of your fave products? Be sure to comment, below.


  1. Did I miss any of your favorite products?

  2. Thanks for this list. I've heard a lot about Eden Bodyworks and Mielle Organics but haven't tried them.

    1. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you give them a try!