Day Without A Woman - Black Perspective

I felt compelled to write today about something that is a total deviation from the normal topics covered on this blog. Today marks the National "Day Without A Woman" Protest.  To participate in this protest, women were encouraged to take the day off from work (one day strike), refrain from making purchases, and to wear red in solidarity of the movement.  

As a Black Woman, I am proud to stand in solidarity with other women from all walks of life.  For many years women have dealt with unfair hiring practices, unequal pay, inadequate workplace protections, and inappropriate treatment... If you are a Black Woman then times that by two. The Black woman has endured all of the above and are often looked at as mere sex objects; nothing of value or worth. I strike because I want to bring awareness to the plight of women, especially women of color.  

With Donald Trump and his band of inexperienced simpletons running this country, the time has never been more ripe for women to let their voices be heard. We have a man sitting in the Oval Office that has made disparaging remarks about women on numerous occasions.  You would have to be a fool to believe that our current president's personal beliefs and opinions will not impact the decisions that he makes each and every day.  

But It's an Inconvenience...

It's supposed to be an inconvenience.  I watched the local news and noticed that a couple of school districts were forced to close due to the overwhelming amount of teachers and support staff that took leave in support of this protest.  I also watched reporters, parents, and other civilians bash the teachers for exercising their First Amendment right.  Most were complaining that the parents had no access to childcare with such short notice.  My question to you: What's the difference between today and a snow day??? In both scenarios you would be without childcare.

A protest is supposed to be an inconvenience... that's how you know that it is working.  You want people to be affected by the strike... by the protest.  If no one is affected then the cause was a loss.  You want the Political Right to take notice to the economic and labor power that women have.  When you have Secretary DeVos making her charter school agenda very clear, you want her to see the impact public schools have on America.  I am proud that female educators across the country have exercised their fundamental right by showing their impact on American Society. 

One way or another, women, including Black women, will have their demands met.  I strike for all the women that don't have the luxury to strike.  I strike so that my daughter will have the rights and liberties that she deserves.  I strike so that President Trump and his army of simpletons will see that women will not be silenced; our voices will be heard and our rights will be granted!

  What are your thoughts on this day of protest?

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  1. Chantel Bailey3/10/2017 6:05 PM

    This is a great article. I agree with everything you said. It's sad that we still have to have this conversation in 2017.