Maintaining Your Silk Press

Since winter began, I have experimented with something new.  I decided to straighten my hair during the winter months.  My stylist makes sure to deep condition and apply a protein treatment before straightening my hair.  I have noticed that the silk press has reduced many of the problems that I associate with cold temps such as dryness, shedding, tangles, and split ends. It is easier to maintain a silk press during the winter as opposed to the summer cause you are not competing against humidity. Although it is easier, there are some steps you can take to make your silk press go the distance.

Protect Your Hair at Night

I protect my silk press by either rolling it with flexi rods or by putting 4 large braids in my hair.  I then place a bonnet on my head before drifting off to sleep.  When I wake up I unravel my hair and use my Denman brush to gently brush my hair to my liking. You can also wrap your hair around your head and tie it down with a silk scarf. I do not do this because I sweat at night and I would wake up with head full of wet hair. 

Use Products That aren't Water-Based

The fastest way to kill your silk press is to apply products that have a water-based solution.  Moisture will cause your hair to revert.  Instead use an oil such as jojoba, grapeseed, or almond to keep your hair looking polished.  Be sure to apply a small amount to avoid weighing your down. 

Keep Your Ends Trimmed

Your silk press will look awful if your ends are not nice and neat.  I can truly attest to this.  In order to keep your hair straight while also looking lustrous, you MUST make sure that your ends have been tamed.  Jagged ends will make you look less polished.  Also split ends can end up causing more damage that could reach your hair shaft. 

High Pony while Exercising

This tip comes straight from my hair stylist! Pulling your hair into a high ponytail is key to ensuring you silk press lasts while your burn those calories.  Just make sure you don't undo the ponytail until your hair is completely dry.  I have done this and it worked! You can definitely maintain straightened hair even while exercising!

What other tips have you used to keep your silk press looking silky?

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