3 Ways to Cure Hair Boredom

Let's keep it real, there will come a point where you will be bored with your hair. Boredom striking can lead to some actions that you may regret later. For me, boredom caused me to do an asymmetrical cut that left me with a shaved head on one side... Think Rihanna circa 2009. It seemed to take a century to recover from that cut. Don't get me wrong, this style is still something fierce, but it did not cooperate with my very round face.

If you are in need of a change, be sure to look at three ways to cure your hair boredom... Just remember to do what works for you and your style sense.

Add a pop of color 

Changing your hair color can liven up your curls and make you feel reinvigorated.  Be adventurous (as long as your career allows it) and explore color choices that take you out of your comfort zone yet compliments your face and style.  If you are not experienced with coloring your own hair, be sure to see a colorist that specializes in natural hair.

Try a new cut 

Cutting your hair can not only improve your hair health but it has been claimed to help women center their being and allow them to create a new.  A new cut can revitalize your look.  You can be edgy or soft and feminine with your cut.  Just check out the images below for reference. 

Try a new style 

...and own it!  Sometimes the bolder the better.  We are often too afraid to try something new and until we are brave enough to experiment, we will never know all the style possibilities available for us.  So try something new, and if works... great... if doesn't try something else.  Crochets,  braids, and extensions are quick ways to switch up your style or you can try something like pictured below.

*Results may vary

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