Product Review: Creme of Nature Perfect Edges

Let's first address the elephant in the room... I haven't blogged since the beginning of this month. I have a really good reason why... I promise.  The school year has officially started and I needed to take a short break to ensure that I was well prepared for my students.

Now let's jump right into it.  I recently had the "pleasure" of using the product shown on the left of your screen. I went to get my hair styled in two simple feedin cornrows and my stylist prefers to use 'Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges'.  I must admit, when I first walked out of the shop I was impressed.  My hair was laid to perfection and there wasn't a strand of hair out of place!  As you may know, my hair can be extremely unruly... I always feel bad for the stylist that decides to try to tame it.  I was definitely a happy customer, because my braider, Ashley, has hands blessed by God!!!

Three days later, my daughter hopped into my bed and began looking at my hair.  She let out a huge "EWWWW! Yuck!" I jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom.  I just had to have a look for myself.  Yuck was absolutely correct.  This product flaked like no other.  I had big, gunky flakes all over my head.

In order to maintain this hairstyle, every morning I wet my hair and put jojoba oil on my hair to reduce the appearance of the residue.  After only a week, it became unbearable.  Sadly, I unbraided my hair so that I could wash my hair.

Bottom Line 

Pros: Had a strong hold.  My hair and edges were perfect.  Not a strand out of place.

Cons: Left a disgusting white residue in my hair that became worse by the day.

I will not use this product again due to the residue and flakes that ruled over my hairstyle.  However, your results may vary. If you are still interested in trying this product out, click HERE;

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