My Wash N Go Routine

What is a Wash N Go?

A Wash N Go is a style in which you "wash" your hair and then apply styling products that allow you to wear your natural curls.  You are essentially washing your hair and going (getting your day started).  

I haven't done a wash-n-go at all this summer, so I decided to take the time out to actually do one on my 4a/4b hair.   Keep reading for details on my routine, results, and products used to achieve a perfect wash-n-go.

The Process

Step one: Part and separate your hair in 4 sections. Saturate your hair with water. Proceed to wash (or co-wash) your hair. Be sure to rinse with cool water.

Step two: Follow your wash or co-wash up with conditioner and rinse.  Do not dry your hair

Step three: Apply leave in conditioner to each section along with oil to seal the moisture

Step four: Finger detangle each section; make sure your hair is still wet (not damp).  I use a Denman brush to detangle my ends.

Step five: After detangling one section, apply styling gel or custard from roots to end.  I separate each section into smaller subsections and apply a dime size amount to the root and gently pull it through to the ends of my hair.  Your hair should snap back into a defined curl.
**you may also twirl your subsections of hair around your finger to form a better coil**

Step six: Follow step five for the remaining sections of your hair. If your hair begins to dry before you are finished, apply water using a spray bottle to saturate your hair.

**Results may vary from person to person**

Products Used

Here are links to most of the products used to create this look.  I did not include the link to the conditioner I used because you can find it cheaper at your local beauty supply store or even target and that is Cantu's Naturals Hydrating conditioner.

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