My First Protein Treatment!

A couple of days ago I did my first protein treatment ever! In the two years that I have been natural, I had never done a protein treatment... I know, I know. It's sad... but I'm not your average Naturalista; I don't follow the norm.  

I decided to try it after talking to my cousin about her own natural-hair journey. Since this was going to be my first time doing a protein treatment, I wanted to try something easy and light.  I decided to use ORS Hair Mayonnaise and the results were really amazing. Check out my results:
In honor of my first successful protein treatment, I wanted to share with you all some of the benefits:

*Strengthens hair that is weak and brittle

*Gives curls more body (my curls also looked more defined)

*Gives hair a gentle sheen

*Provides nutrients that promote healthy hair growth

 **Just be sure not to overuse the product and follow the instructions on the container.**

**Results may vary from person to person**

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