Must Have Hair Spotlight: Flexi Rods

I had never been too keen on using flexi rods when I first became natural. Whenever I would use them, my hair never looked sleek and uniformed. Instead, I looked like a chocolate troll doll. To say the least, it was a straight up CURL FAIL

Because of this, I would only use them, whenever I had a sew-in. I soon realized that I was doing them all wrong. I never rolled them tight enough, I didn't use enough foam, and I never let them dry completely.

I finally decided to give them a second chance with the help of my awesome hair stylist.  If you are interested in purchasing flexi rods, they can be purchased by clicking Here. In order to achieve this look follow the steps below:

1. Cleanse and Condition your hair. It is best to start on clean hair. I chose to deep condition my hair. Be sure to start at your ends and work your way up to the roots in order to prevent hair breakage. Also moisturize with a spray bottle to help you detangle without the OUCH.

2. Detangle your hair. I prefer to finger detangle or use my holy-grail Denman Brush, but you can also use a wide-toothed comb. 

3. Separate your hair into sections. apply enough wrap/setting foam to smooth your tresses. I use a lot since my hair is thick. This will help your hair maintain the curl.

4. Wrap your hair around the rod starting from the ends, spiraling up to the roots. (Look in the picture above for reference)

5. Sit Under the dryer for an undetermined amount of time. :) I think I sat under the dryer for 1.5 hours, but again my hair is really really thick. Your time may vary. Please make sure your hair is completely dry. 

6. Carefully take out the flexi rods and separate each curl.

**Results may vary**

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